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More of This, Less of That January 2, 2011

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I told you it's a process.

I’m working on my new year’s resolutions. It’s a process. And I love the process. It’s safe to say that I keep a running resolutions chart in my head all year long. It’s a side effect of being a under achieving kid. All of those “not living up to her potential” notices on my report cards made me neurotic. (Take note, Teachers!)

I feel like this is a big year to smack down some serious resolutions. Point #1: I’ll be 40 this year. While I’m not panicked about my age, I do recognize that it’s time to put up or shut up. Point #2: In some way, shape or form, Z and I plan to start a family in the coming year. As a social worker, I’ve been tempted more than once to say to parents, “You know, when you had your kid, you gave up your right to be a self-centered jerk. How about you pull your head out of your nether regions and get on with the parenting. Thankssomuch.” I’m not (you did read the word “not,” right?) saying parents have to be perfect human beings, but it certainly would contribute to world peace if folks tried to get their heads straight before procreating.

A small sampling of what I’ll be working on (the true list really is embarrassingly long)…

* Read more consistently. Every book I own has a bookmark in it. Finish three books a month. [Which basically means finish the book I’m reading before starting another.]
* Read the Sunday paper. I get it every Sunday and rarely open it. That should probably go for the magazines I subscribe to as well.
* Actually listen to the 20 or so podcasts I download routinely.

* Cardio 6x/wk, Yoga 2x/wk, Weights 3x/wk
* Run a 5K [Just because I want the t-shirt.]
* Limit Coca Cola intake to 1x/day [Wait… I think I already broke that one.]

* Attend mass more consistently.
* Appreciate.

Kinda dull so far, I know.  (Maybe “Add excitement” should be a bullet point. But then the intermingling of consistency and spontaneity becomes tricky. ) I’m still working it. The concept of “more” seems to be a recurring theme, which makes me suspect that I’ll have to throw some “lesses” in there somewhere. I have notes about breaking my addiction to Hershey Kisses, finishing up my documentary classes, finishing up my licensure, running away to Ireland, etc. Since I am turning 40, I probably need to start knocking off some Bucket List items too.

Happy New Year! May the coming year bring us all much love and happiness.