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All I really want is a flying pig weathervane. June 18, 2011

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That's actually the middle of the tree - on the garage roof. The garage roof with an awesome new skylight!

Our back yard has looked pretty darn apocalyptic since the our neighbor’s 120+ year old tree decided to go to the Great Tree Farm in the Sky. Despite it’s obvious instability, it was a great shade tree because the limbs hung halfway across our yard. Our house was shaded from the morning sun and the back yard stayed cool even in the heat of the afternoon. Sure, we had splotchy grass, but there is a trade-off for shade when you live in a town that’s four degrees hotter than Hell. Now, with no tree, we have lots and lots of blazing hot sun and a big ol’ hole in our garage roof. We also have overgrown bush-things and a patchwork walkway that intermittently amuses and baffles every workman that enters the back yard. The revitalization plan is to create an outdoor living room with an outdoor kitchen. The detached garage would be converted into a cottage-like extension of the outdoor living area. Sound complicated? Of course it is! Since we plan to do the work ourselves (ha!), Z and I hit the local garden centers today. We didn’t make many decisions (only one, wait, two — ok, maybe three!), but we took lots of photos! A lovely photo essay for your enjoyment:



We are experts at procrastination. Z loading the bikes into the back of the truck instead of heading to the garden center.

My fabulous new beach cruiser. We stopped by the bike shop before heading to the garden center.

With a detachable basket!

After a trip to the grocery store, we actually conceded and went to the garden center. I like this plant, but I suspect I would kill it.

We even have an opinion about gravel. We like this type. Agreement #1!

Aw, a new St. Francis. I liked him, but he was a tad pricey. So much for the vow of poverty.

Rows and rows of plants to overwhelm and boggle the mind.


Fun -- a peach tree! I wanted it, Z said no. He said no to the apple tree too. I stole an apple from the tree. It was tasty. No Eve references, please. I didn't share.

Blueberry bush, I think. The fruit wasn't ripe enough to sample.

A hammock is a MUST for our new back yard... but maybe not this particular one with it's sticker price of $500.

This is me looking at the one tree we both agreed on. Not a great photo of the tree - or my backside. Agreement #2!

Most comforable porch swing ever. I thought I wanted a wicker porch swing to match the porch furniture, but this swing changed my mind. We just have to figure out the mechanics of replacing the current (and insanely uncomfortable) porch swing with this one. Agreement #3!

Totally getting one. I don't care what Z says.


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