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Get Over Yourself June 29, 2011

Filed under: Exercise Follies — Teri @ 3:52 pm

Some days surprise you and things begin to fall back together. I’ve been a little off for the past few days, little tasks turned into major accomplishments. I expected the trend to continue this morning. I usually wake up around 6 am, but didn’t even lift my head this morning until 8:45 am. I fixed my breakfast and dragggged myself over to the computer. As I’m sitting there checking Facebook, Zef walks into the doorway and asks, “Do you want your red bottle or green bottle?” Whaaa?! He was already dressed to go on another trail hike. And he was chipper. This was going to be a long walk.

When we got to the trail, Z had me hold onto Pete! while he put on a 30 pound pack. When I asked why he was wearing the pack, he said, “To make it more challenging.” Great, he’s chipper and motivated.

A little over eight miles and two hours and 45 minutes later, I was glad that Z had shamed me into going to the trail. We didn’t exactly blaze the trail at 20 minutes per mile, but at least we did it. Truth be told, I probably would have landed on the couch and tried to sleep more otherwise. Sometimes you just have to get over yourself and get on with the task at hand. Today’s hike was absolutely like that. I focused on a half mile at a time. I read in a running article recently that if you are having trouble on your run, you should count your steps up to 100 and then start over again. It keeps your mind too occupied to whine. I’ll probably use that strategy. There were times in graduate school that I literally had to talk myself through essays one sentence at a time. Yup, sometimes you have to get over yourself and get on with the task at hand. And sometimes getting up and getting going leads to happy discoveries. In my ongoing quest for running apparel that won’t ride up, I hit the sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods yesterday and bought a few pairs of Nike running shorts. I wore a pair on my hike this morning and — can it be true?! — they don’t ride up! Hallelujah, ring the bells, blast off the fireworks — my thighs have been saved!

Safety gingham. Very southern.


2 Responses to “Get Over Yourself”

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  2. Oh my god, I want those shorts. Maybe not in orange, though.

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