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The pursuit of domestic bliss, one glorious debacle at a time.

Best Customer Service Email – Ever July 7, 2011

Sample photo of the RoadID bracelets that I bought for me and my sister. They haven't arrived yet, but it's OK, Edward Wimmer.

Hello Teri:

Sometimes…we’re not as smart as we think we are. Now, is one of those times. Allow me to explain:

When you placed your order on 06/12/2011, we told you that your items would ship on 07/05/2011. Unfortunately, we’re going to miss this deadline. The delay is directly related to an inventory shortage. I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t you guys have systems and people in place to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen?” The answer to that question is “yes.” But, we screwed up anyway.

Please trust that we are working hard, and doing everything we can, to get your order out the door as soon as possible. We now expect to ship your order on (hopefully before) 7/15/11.

We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations. I know that we have failed in this instance. With egg on my face, I humbly apologize for the delay and hope that you can forgive us.

On a lighter note, we haven’t fired our inventory manager. His job is secure and so is he. By secure, I mean that he’s tied up in a broom closet, drinking leaky ceiling water.

Be safe out there; and let me know if you have any questions.


Edward Wimmer
Road ID
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I think I may love Edward Wimmer, Co-Owner of RoadID. I mean, seriously, when is the last time an encounter with customer service has been forthright, much less funny? For me, oh, that would be never. Case in point, my disgusting dealings with Kitchenaid customer service. Never buy anything from Kitchenaid. I’m warning you now. If you do not heed my warnings now, one day you will look back and decide that I was very wise indeed. Oh, you need proof? Alright then.

I hate to cook, but I love to bake. Christmas cookies are my specialty and in 2010 my weapon of choice was my brand new Kitchenaid stand mixer. Quite an upgrade from the broken spatula I had used the year before. Or so I thought. The mixer stopped working the first day. I called customer service the next morning, they said they would send a new mixer out and I would just need to reuse the box to pack up the old mixer and send it back to them. Super easy, right? Well, weeks went by, no mixer. I called customer service. There was a problem, they said. My serial number was for a 2009 model, they said, and not covered under the warranty. Do you want me to send you my receipt to prove it was bought in 2010, I asked. No need, I was told. We’ll send you a FedEx slip, just find a box to pack up the mixer and the accessories and ship it to us. Where am I going to find a box that big and sturdy, I asked. Not their problem, I was told. Well, I was just ill after that conversation. First of all, they didn’t even call to tell me there was a problem, I had to follow up with them. Secondly, they were acting like I was trying to con them. Uncool. I held my grudge until the FedEx slip expired — did they really expect me to ship it within a week? I have a job, people! I finally shipped the mixer off and all of the accessories. Four phone calls to customer service later, I received my new mixer in MAY 2011. May. 2011. Five months. I was unpacking the new mixer and thought, “Hey, they didn’t send me all of my accessories back!” I called customer service. The guy was actually very nice, especially when he realized that I was a fool. In my furor, I had packed ALL of my Kitchenaid accessories in the mixer box — even the blades for the food processor (which I had not used yet). I was on the phone with the Kitchenaid guy when I realized it. I had to dial back my righteous indignation and politely ask for the blades to be returned to me. He said he would email the supervisor where warranty returns come in and he would call me in a week. Alas, no call came. Rather than thinking Kitchenaid Guy failed me, I choose to believe he took another career path. Dealing with a crazy woman who has lost her blades is no picnic. So, what did I do… I called Kitchenaid yet again. I got yet another very nice customer service rep who failed me. She read through the customer service notes. This has been an ordeal, I said. She agreed. She called the warranty returns department while I held on the line. She would get the blades (a $150 value) back for me. I had hope. I’m a sucker. She came back on the line and said the blades weren’t included in the box and I must be mistaken. Nooooo, I am not mistaken. I distinctly remember holding the blade box while the FedEx Store guy packed up the mixer. He wrapped the blades in bubble wrap, for Pete’s sake! She told me I could buy new blades from their website. I told her I was hanging up before I lost my manners. OK, so I’m an idiot for sending the wrong Kitchenaid accessories back to the factory, but that doesn’t mean that Kitchenaid isn’t suspect. From now on, I’m a Cuisinart girl. Kitchenaid could learn a lot from my customer service boyfriend, Edward Wimmer.

Finally Finished Reading: A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
Starting to Read Again Because I Was Only Halfway Through When I Got on the Hemingway Kick: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Training Log: Day 3 of 7: Activity: Spin #1 (intervals), Time: 47 minutes, Miles: 18.1, Calories Burned: 486, Motivation: High; Activity: Spin #2 (sprints/climbing), Time: 47 minutes, Miles: 19.8, Calories Burned: 416, Motivation: High Medium


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