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Tiny Room Tour: Thank you, Charleston! July 11, 2011

The mermaid that ogled my shrimp and grits at Hyman's Seafood.

Zef and I just returned from our first romantic getaway since our honeymoon. We have a tendency to take family-oriented vacations. While vacations with the family can be fun, it often has an adverse effect on the will to procreate. So I’ve planned three romantic mini-vacations for us: Folly Beach/Charleston, SC, Outer Banks, NC and Banner Elk, NC. First up was Folly Beach and Charleston.

Folly Beach is about 10 miles south of Charleston. It’s a quaint little beach that lacks the mega mansions that run along Isle of Palms north of Charleston. We arrived on Friday evening after hooking up Mike the Toothless Cat with elder care provided by my parents. We were going to spend the weekend just enjoying each other’s company and not worrying about the projects back at home. I warned Z ahead of time that I accidentally booked a room with a full size bed. We have a queen at home and, in my estimation, it’s not nearly large enough. I am not a cuddler. Having the bed all to myself while Z was deployed was heavenly. Meanwhile, Z slept on a cot for three years. The vastness of our queen sized bed is too much for him. He’s like a baby fresh out of the womb, he wants to be swaddled. He looked at the tiny bed with glee.

As I now sit on the bed in our 12 by 10 bedroom, I realize that the room we had at the B&B was almost the exact same size — except it included a claw foot bathtub, toilet and sink, right beside the bed. The innkeeper called it European. I’ve never been there, but I’m pretty sure they have walls in Europe. And there are some barriers that should not be crossed, romantic weekend or not.

Our strategy was to avoid the Tiny Room for as long as possible throughout the day. We spent most of our time in downtown Charleston shopping and eating. Marion Square has the absolute best farmers market on Saturday mornings. I bought some cute earrings from a really nice artist and her husband. I bought some art for our bedroom from a cool girl that does woodcut pieces. I desperately wanted a pint of these beautiful plump blackberries. Their drupelets were like fat little baby cheeks and I just wanted to gobble them up. If Zef hadn’t of been there, I probably would have bought two pints and sat in the grass and eaten them. But Z is Republican and he doesn’t eat berries in the grass.

One day I will waddle over this bridge during the Cooper River Bridge 10K.

Instead, we took the extra long [thank you, Z] walk to Magnolias for lunch. Highly recommended. I was hoping for shrimp and grits, but it wasn’t on the menu. I opted for a shrimp wrap, which was amazing. Z had a crab cake sandwich, which was equally as delightful. The night before we ate at The Crab Shack at Folly Beach. Also very good. I had the grilled shrimp and scallops with red potatoes and zucchini. Z had salmon that he said was too dry. The beer and hushpuppies were winners though. The absolute very best place we ate was Hyman’s Seafood for Sunday lunch. I finally got my shrimp and grits [Carolina Style] with collard greens. They make their collards like I do — chopped, but not diced, and still firm, not mushy. Who knew I was a culinary genius? We had a side of fried green tomatoes too. My stomach wanted to rebel from the over stuffing, but I was one fat and happy girl. I’d totally convert to Judaism and marry into the family for daily access to those shrimp and grits. We finished off our weekend of over consumption by stopping at Lost Dog Cafe before heading out of town this morning. Best turkey, bacon and Swiss croissant ever. I don’t even want to step on the scale to access the damage.

We did a lot of walking around Charleston, but not much else for exercise. The early morning runs on the beach never happened. That doesn’t bode well for settling into our next two stops on the Tiny Room Tour: a one room cabin on the Outer Banks and a dormer room on the third floor of a farm house. I hope we fit.

Currently Reading: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Training Log: Oh, let’s just say we’ll start fresh tomorrow, shall we? [Six weeks until my first 5K!]


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  1. […] The Tiny Room Tour is over halfway through with the North American dates. Z and I spent the last five days on Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks. True to form, our cabin accommodations were spartan — no TV, no kitchen, a mat for a bed. It was sorta awesome. I took away a few important thoughts from our time together: 1) my husband eats Oreos incorrectly 2) the Wicked Witch of the West must have had killer legs 3) it’s impossible to take a good photo of stars. […]

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