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Ode to the Power Washer July 14, 2011

After several weeks of lackadaisical effort on the back yard renovation, we kicked it into high gear today by power washing the interior and exterior the garage. So what, you say. You don’t know awesome, I say. Power washing is fun! To make it more clear, power washers are the high-grade heroin of the OCD elite. I can now understand, without prejudice, why George the Handyman tripled my water bill a few summers ago after he bought his first power washer. I mean, those babies can move some dirt — like in an infomercial!

Announcer: Look at how disgusting and dirty this garage floor is!
Audience: Eww!!!
Announcer: But wait… apply water directly from the So Awesome It’s Better Than Heroin Power Washer 2500 and – viola! – sparkling clean and just like new!

Audience: *Squeal with delight!* Applause, applause! *Squeal with delight!*

It’s addicting. I watched Zef wash down one wall and desperately wanted to try it out. “Let me use it!,” I pleaded. “No, you manage the hose,” he said as he turned the corner. I’m pretty sure he felt a tantrum coming on, so he handed over the reigns. “I have to go pick up Pete! anyway.” Sure. Sucker.


Right before Z turned over the reigns.


My favorite part was hosing down the dilapidated metal door. It had at least 25 years of dirt crusted on it. I was very methodical — right to left, inch by inch. It was very cathartic! Of course, I was doused by water and mud and paint chips (most likely lead based). It was in my hair, all over my t-shirt, a couple chunks got in my eyes. But that’s the price you pay for good time. I made it halfway through the garage interior because Z came back with Pete! and took over.

Sunday is garage painting day. I most likely will not be participating in those festivities. Z is renting a power painter. The Home Depot guy advised against a power painter in an enclosed space, but then agreed when Z said the garage ceiling had exposed roofing nails. He walked Z over the biohazard suits complete with goggles and dust mask. I giggled while Zef looked defeated. I can’t wait. I’ll take lots of photos.


Sparkleeeeeey clean!


Finally Finished Reading: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Currently Reading: Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe {I bought it as a joke to read aloud to Zef during road trips, but now I feel really obligated to read it since it was $12.99… for an ebook. Highway robbery!}

Training Log: Oh, nothing.


3 Responses to “Ode to the Power Washer”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I absolutely LOVE our power washer. Wait until you figure out all the things you can use it on. I just power washed my front porch so I could re-stain it. It’s almost a miracle in the making the way it can take the layers of grime, crud and whatever else is on there off in an instant.

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