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June Cleaver Is a Body Snatcher August 3, 2011

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Apparently I have died and been reincarnated as June Cleaver. Yesterday [or maybe it was Monday, hard to keep track when you aren’t in your right mind] I organized and cleaned our home office. The office was bad, like piles of paperwork falling over and sliding off the desk bad. I even washed the sheets, cover and pillow cases for the day bed [or the cat bed, depending on which creature in this house you ask]. The day before that [whichever day it was] I mapped out my entire training schedule until Winter Break. And I just now finished planning our supper menu for the rest of August — and made grocery lists for each week. I know. Stop giving me that look. It’s just the pre-school year jitters manifesting as nesting. It will pass by October — most likely mid-September.

So here is what we are eating in August. Maybe I’ll be a pal and post the recipes each night. I hope you like chicken. Thanks to my weight struggles and Z’s cholesterol issues, red meat has been limited to once a week. Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon has been added once a week. And we celebrate Meatless Monday in this house. [OK, I celebrate, Z grieves. But if you squint when you look at him, he seems really happy.]


I suppose if I were using a monthly planner rather than a weekly planner I wouldn't be disappointed there are only 28 blocks.


August Supper Menus
Thursday, August 4 – Eggplant Parmesan [I know, it’s too hot outside. I’ll sit on the floor beside the AC vent as I eat.]
Friday, August 5 – Chicken Enchiladas
Saturday, August 6 – Salmon
Sunday, August 7 – Easy Chicken & Dumplings
[Vacation break.]
Friday, August 12 – Hamburgers
Saturday, August 13 – Shrimp & Grits
Sunday, August 14 – Chicken & Bow Tie Pasta
Monday, August 15 – Mexicali Meatless Tostadas
Tuesday, August 16 – Salmon
Wednesday, August 17 – Baked Chicken & Rice w/ Black Beans
Thursday, August 18 – Balsamic Pork Chops
Friday, August 19 – Homemade Pizza
Saturday, August 20 – Grilled Steak
Sunday, August 21 – Stovetop Chicken Pie
Monday, August 22 – Black Bean Chili
Tuesday, August 23 – Buttermilk Baked Chicken
Wednesday, August 24 – Salmon
Thursday, August 25 – Oven Chicken Risotto
Friday, August 26 – Meatball Subs
Saturday, August 27 – Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Sandwiches
Sunday, August 28 – Chicken Cobbler Casserole
[Monday, August 29 – Wednesday, August 31 – TBD because I ran out of blocks on my Post-it Planner Pad.]

As demented as this seems, it does serve a greater purpose. I’m doing my best to buy in-season, local foods. I have a tendency to be hit-and-miss and just buy food without any inkling how I’m going to prepare it. Now I can work from a recipe first. Chicken or the egg, people. Chicken or the egg.

Started Reading After Finishing On Writing by Stephen King: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Training Log: Didn’t get back to it today and Z is giving me the guilt treatment. Just so you know, I’ll be at cycling at 8:30 and strength training at 9:30 tomorrow. Really, I will.


2 Responses to “June Cleaver Is a Body Snatcher”

  1. Lisa Says:

    You say tomato, I say tomoto…you call it Meatless Monday, I call it Macaroni Monday. 😉

    • Teri Says:

      For some reason Z doesn’t think mac n cheese with a green veggie is a perfectly acceptable meal. He’s a freak from California. 😉

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