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I Choose To Be Awesome. October 24, 2011

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I’ve been slack on my race reports, so I thought I would do a mid-season rundown. I know y’all have me on your fantasy 5K teams and are dying to know how I’m doing. The operative word is “doing.” I’m there. I’m running. It’s not fast, nor pretty, but it’s happening. This morning someone asked me how I did at the 5K this weekend. Because I’m always self depreciating, I hesitated before I answered. The person didn’t wait. She’s said, “Did you finish?” What? Heck yeah, I finished, Sister. Sheesh. Actually, it came out more like, “Well, yeah.” She then patted me on my shoulder and told me that was all that mattered. I was stunned. She was judging me. She saw a short, pudgy girl that couldn’t possibly make it three point one miles. I was too deflated to be offended. I could actually hear the kinks is my armor creaking in my head. But at that moment, at that very moment, someone else walked up. “I saw you running this weekend!” You did? “You were about the finish the race and I said, ‘Look at her go!’ That was awesome.” So did I finish? Yeah. And reportedly it was awesome. I’ll take that moment with me to my next race and beyond.


Run Wild 5K at the NC Zoo
August 20, 2011
Cause: Not sure, really. Something for the zookeepers.
Would I run three miles for this shirt? Yes — though the color wasn’t great. Nice graphic though.
Would I run it again? Yes. It was a cool concept even if there were some logistical hiccups in the race plan. Would have been nice if the animals were out to cheer us on [from their enclosures, of course].


Holden Uganda Run for Water 5K
August 27, 2011
Cause: Building water wells in Africa
Would I run three miles for this shirt? Nope, not really. The shirt was thin and cheap. It’s in the Salvation Army pile.
Would I run it again? Technically, I didn’t run it in the first place. It was hurricaned out. But I probably won’t sign up again next year. The race route was in a gated community. If you didn’t live there, you had to take a shuttle into the race area. Really, people, open your fancy smanchy community for the charity 5K.


Tour de Lila
September 3, 2011
Cause: Fundraiser to buy educational equipment for a special needs child.
Would I ride 15 miles for this shirt? Nope. Race organizers, thin and cheap is not the way to get the word out about your organization.
Would I ride it again? Doubtful. It was billed as a family bike ride, but really only hardcore cyclists rode. And there I was with my 20 year old mountain bike. I felt like I was driving an Indy race in a 1960 VW bug.


Crimestoppers Run for Justice 5K
September 10, 2011
Cause: Humiliation and torment. [I kid.] Crimestoppers was the cause de jour.
Would I run three miles for this shirt? Eh, no. But they did hand out chocolate milk at the end — and anyone that knows me knows I love chocolate milk.
Would I run it again? Nope. Those people scared me. I originally signed up for the Moravian Festival 5K. They gave out chicken pie and sugar cookies at the finish line. I switched to the Crimestoppers race to run with my sister. She felt obligated to support the race because my brother-in-law is part of the judicial system. Next year I’m eating chicken pie at the finish line with the peace loving Moravians, dang it.


Moonlight Madness 5K
September 16, 2011
Cause: Local charities [See how I bluffed because I can’t remember?]
Would I run three miles for this shirt? Absolutely — the graphic glows in the dark!
Would I run it again? I would. It’s a night race to kick-off Rock the Block weekend in Winston. It was a good time. And I get a gold star because I ran for help when a racer fell and broke her arm. The pizza/beer distribution at the end was a mess, but I’m not above cutting in line to steal pizza. I am a hero, after all.


Double Header: Poplar Grove Plantation 5K Autumn Fun Run & Pink Shamrock 5K
September 24, 2011
Cause: Historic preservation and breast cancer research
Would I run three miles for this shirt? Yes, and here’s way: My cousin passed away a few days before these races. When I wrote that I couldn’t attend the races because I would be at a family funeral, both race directors mailed my packets to me. I appreciated their consideration.
Would I run it again? Absolutely. If for no other reason than I like to support nice people.


Women’s Only 5K
October 1, 2011
Cause: Breast Cancer Research
Would I run three miles for this shirt? Yes. It’s cute. It’s thick cotton. I love it!
Would I run it again? Definitely. The feel good race of the year. It was a great atmosphere. It was very pink. The lady that ran in front of me was apparently a cancer patient because all of the hospital race volunteers knew her name. She had a note pinned to her hat that said, “Suck it up, Mary. YOU CAN DO THIS.” After the brutality of the Crimestoppers race, it was nice to see wide scale encouragement. It’s amazing we didn’t all skip across the finish line holding hands.


Ardmore 5K
October 8, 2011
Cause: Second Harvest Food Bank
Would I run three miles for this shirt? Runner down. I didn’t run this race because I was sick with a nasty head cold. My sister picked up my packet, but I haven’t seen the shirt. I hear it’s long sleeve — exciting!
Would I run it again? I can see this being a yearly run to do with my sister.


Trick or Treat Trot 5K
October 15, 2011
Cause: Communities in Schools
Would I run three miles for this shirt? It’s hunter orange, but I’ll still say yes.
Would I run it again? Of course. I’ll take any opportunity for a trip to Wilmington. The race coordination was a bit unorganized, but they pulled it together for a fun race. My fastest finish ever.


Reading Rocks! 5K
October 22, 2011
Cause: Literacy programs
Would I run three miles for this shirt? I like it. It’s much better than the shirt they sold to the kids for the walk-a-thon.
Would I run it again? It would be silly not to run it again. The course is in my neighborhood. And I get credit for attending a school event without the bother of being there all day. Only drawback: A 7 a.m. start in the dark. Silver lining: Running under a crescent moon.


Because we’re only mid-way through the autumn race season, here’s the rest of the schedule:
October 29: Halloween Hustle 5K
October 30: Monster Dash 5K
November 5: Heels for Hope 5K
November 11: Joint Special Operations 5K
November 12: Run United 5K
November 19: Eve Carson Memorial 5K
November 24: Turkey Strut 5K
December 3: Mistletoe Run 5K
December 10: Twinkle Toes 5K
December 17: Ryan’s Reindeer Run 5K


And I’m off…