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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Points January 3, 2012

Filed under: 30 Day Challenge,Food — Teri @ 7:28 pm

OK, I realize this photo food journal probably isn’t exciting for the few folks that read my blog (Hey y’all!), but I definitely think it will keep me on a path toward healthy eating. I have a membership to Weight Watchers, but I keep secrets from the PointsTracker. I haven’t quite flipped the switch in my head, if you know what I mean. But hang with me, once I’m all cute and fit, I’ll have some tales to tell.


Breakfast was two packets for 300 calories. Much better photo than yesterday, yes?


Leftover chicken, broccoli and rice casserole with a side of carrots for lunch.


Afternoon snack of Greek yogurt.


Handful of almonds before the gym.


Chocolate milk after the gym and an apple after dinner.


Takeout from Panera for dinner: Half of a Smoked Turkey on Country with a side of (kinda pitiful) chicken noodle soup.


Observations: I need to up the veggie intake. I’m thinking of instituting a vegan day into our weekly menu. We already have a vegetarian day — Meatless Monday, which is sometimes on Thursday. Regardless, I need more vegetables on a daily basis, that much is clear. Today’s good news is that I slept through last night without freaky dreams and I wasn’t as hungry today. Hey, do you think hunger and freaky dreams are connected? I say yes. I’ll need a nighttime snack.


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