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Justice Through Consumerism July 15, 2011

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I love that I only attract car salesmen that couldn’t sell ice in Hades. It makes the car shopping experience more bearable. The Mini Cooper guy wasn’t much of a talker. On our test drive we were like a family about a 1,000 miles into a long road trip. Everyone just stared out of the windows in silence. The Toyota sales lady agreed with me about every issue I had with the Prius. As we sat in a preowned model, I questioned the $25,000 sticker price for a car that had 35,000 miles on it. The new Prius (which she apparently didn’t know about, but we saw in the back) was $30,000. Why shouldn’t I just buy the new Prius since it has better options, no mileage and the price difference isn’t that great, I asked. Good point, she agreed. Wish we had a new Prius, she sighed. I wasn’t about to remind her that we just had a five minute conversation about the new model sitting in the back of the lot. I slid away before she started singing Mary Had a Little Lamb and twirling like a ballerina. Today we visited the Subaru dealership. The guy spent two and a half hours with us and never once asked us if were interested in buying the car. I think he was lonely. Or killing time. Or in the $50 office pool for who can drag out the deal the longest. He was nice, so I don’t mean to give him a hard time. I just worry about his livelihood.

My renewed interest in car shopping came after an embarrassing display of Honda power yesterday. I was at a very busy intersection in town, on my way to meet Z at Home Depot. Two lanes turned left at the stoplight. At the last minute, I arrogantly pulled into the empty left lane when I saw a Smart car sitting in the right lane. “Ugg, they will go soooo slow,” I thought. My 2003 Honda will absolutely blow it away. The light turned green and the freakin’ Smart car blasted off. Or at least it seemed to blast off because it left me in the dust. I was alone in my car, but I was still humiliated. Forget my downright hippified position on debt and owing The Man. I was just shamed by a bright blue Smart car. I need justice. Cherry red, six cylinder, moon roofed justice.


Subaru Outback: It appeals to my granola nature and my fantasy athletic-girl lifestyle. But I still haven't bought it.


Halfway Through Reading: Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

Training Log: Activity: AMT, Time: 13 minute before spin class; Activity: Spin, Time: 47 minutes, Mileage: 16.6, Total Calories: 645; Activity: C25K W3D3, Time: 23 minutes, Mileage: 1.5, Calories Burned: 200